Saturday, November 15, 2014

Week 46: November 9, 2014 -- November 15, 2014 -- A Lot Of Big Stories This Week, Seven Years Into The Boom

Crude oil price slump
Reuters essay
Will Saudi kill US shale oil industry?
US shale industry "circling the wagons" -- Financial Times
Halcon to cut five (5) from 2015 drilling program
Oil price slump, fracking -- game over -- Forbes

New crude oil production record
New record IPs set (two)
EOG reports a well with almost 150,000 bbl production in less than five months
Oasis reported eight (8) wells Thursday
State quarterly lease sales results

Crude oil stabilization
NDIC to require oil to be "stripped" of volatile gases before shipping by rail (CBR) ; also at WSJ
Post citing WSJ

BNSF to cut back on oil shipments to east rail traffic jam

New low; operators choking back production to meet new flaring rules

New record set: 94-stage and 102-stage fracks in the North Dakota Bakken
MRO's re-fracking program in the Bakken
10 of 12 wells to DRL status

Double H pipeline completed?
Economics no longer make Keystone XL viable -- CNBC

Williston sets new building permit record; almost one-half billion-dollar building program
Construction on new $57 million Williston High School begins
Papa John's, Culver's Restaurant, permanent FBI field office

Reader notes no drilling under Missouri River in center of reservation 
Bloomberg interviews Harold Hamm
Samson Resources Bakken assets in play?
Polar vortex will affect North Dakota Bakken

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