Thursday, November 15, 2018

The Market, Energy, And Political Page, T+9 -- November 15,2018

EIA's monthly drilling productivity report was released November 13, 2018. Link here. At the link one can find "new-well production per rig by region"; production by region; and, DUCs by region.

Look at all the DUCs in Eagle Ford -- double that of the Bakken. And then look at all the DUCs in the Permian -- 5x as many. Is that correct? So, the Permian has almost twice/thrice as many DUCs as all the wells that will be drill in North Dakota this year. I assume about 1,400 wells will be drill in North Dakota this year, and there are 3,900 DUCs in the Permian.

NoDaks: "No to wind!" Link here. If you've driven through Kansas lately, you will see why these folks are coming out against wind. Along with everything else wrong with wind, these folks know that wind will increase their utility bills.

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