Saturday, February 29, 2020

Notes From All Over, Part 2 -- February 29, 2020

Classic movies: wow, TCM is showing some great movies -- "30 days of Academy Awards" is the theme right now -- Tootsie tonight ( a great movie the first time, but I don't care to watch it again) -- I had forgotten that Bill Murray was in the movie. But last night was incredible, one right after the other: Cat on a Hot Tin Room; Rebel Without a Cause; Splendor in the Grass.

I had never seen Cat on a Hot Tin Room before. As a background movie while doing "other stuff," it's an incredibly good movie. Maybe one of the best of this genre. I really enjoyed it.

Rebel Without a Cause: I've seen parts of this movie many, many times, but I don't recall ever sitting through the entire movie. It is simply too painful to watch. The way the James Dean character is treated is more than I can handle.

Splendor in the Grass followed. I have always been curious about this movie -- again, as background -- but after Cat on a HTR and Rebel Without a Cause, I was emotionally drained. I couldn't watch another drama. From wiki:
"Though nothing can bring back the hour / Of splendor in the grass, glory in the flower / We will grieve not; rather find / Strength in what remains behind."
But, wow, Cat on a HTR -- what an incredibly good movie, carried by two extraordinary actors. Unfortunately, knowing the backstory of the Paul Newman character makes the ending impossible and a real fantasy. The question is whether the Elizabeth Taylor character knew.

Coronavirus: sorry to bring this up again, but it just crossed my mind -- is President Xi toast? He has three months to get this under control. I didn't read much of the ZeroHedge article -- just what I posted -- so I don't know if "Tyler Durden" touched on this or not. But we could see huge civil unrest break out in China -- if one doesn't get paid, one doesn't eat. A lot of folks aren't getting paid. And if hoarding has already begun in the US, can you imagine the hoarding in China?

And I have yet to post the top stories of the week. It's been that busy.

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