Saturday, February 29, 2020

Several XTO Tobacco Garden Wells Off-Line; Unable To Find Explanation -- February 29, 2020

The XTO Tobacco Garden / Arnold wells.

In late February, 2020, I noted that several XTO wells in Tobacco Garden had been taken off line. I cannot find any reason why these wells would have been taken off line.

I just checked the five XTO wells in Tobacco Garden that are still on the confidential list, that are in the same area: nothing has changed. They are still on the conf list, and there is still a rig on site, on the pad, #36627.

The four wells with no production in 12/19:
  • 30256, Tobacco Garden 11X-17E;
  • 23839, Leiseth 24X-22E;
  • 21208, Jore 34-22NWH; and, 
  • 20719, Bergem 44-28NWH;
The five wells in the general area that are still on confidential; on the same pad, and with a rig on site, permit number followed by API:
  • 33631: 33-053-09121
  • 36630: 33-053-09120
  • 36629: 33-053-09119
  • 36628: 33-053-09118
  • 36627: 33-053-09117 
Checking FracFocus for two of the above, no frack data posted. 

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