Thursday, January 19, 2017

Natural Gas: How Fast Things Change; Gasoline Demand Continues To Fall -- January 19, 2017

Natural Gas Fill Rate (Or Withdrawal)

The most recent US natural gas draws data (dynamic link):

Gasoline Demand

 On the other hand, the most recent "gasoline demand" data does not fit the other two economic data points reported earlier:
  • US housing starts surged;
  • first time unemployment claims plummet by 15,000
With more folks returning to work, or at least not being laid off, one would have thought gasoline demand would have increased. It's now lower than it was a year ago. The price of gasoline has increased about 6 cents/gallon over the past week or so, but that certainly is not enough to explain the significant decline in gasoline demand.

Gasoline demand:

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