Thursday, January 19, 2017

Songs And Videos That Will Play Continuously January 1 - 31, 2017

The Obama Legacy:

President Obama will “be the only president in history to never have a year of 3% GDP growth.

President Obama is the only president ever to have had Americans fighting in wars for the full eight years of his two-term presidency. And he has the Nobel Peace Prize.

US health care, rightly or wrongly, known as ObamaCare, perhaps the only major Obama initiative that wasn't done by executive order, may be "history" before the end of 2017.

News stories, without video:
The Twenty Songs
(okay, #20 is not a song)

#20. Say Goodnight, Gracie.
#19. What Is Love?
#18. Time To Say Goodbye.
#17: Crying Time Again.
#16: How Do You Mend A Broken Heart?
#15: Before The Next Teardrop Falls.
#14: Hello, Goodbye.
#13: The Great Pretender.
       An extra: Mr Lonely for the FBI Director.
#12: I Will Follow Him.
#11: If I Could Turn Back Time.
#10: Every Breath You Take (I'll Be Watching You).
#9: Sukiyaki (I Look Up When I Walk, So Teardrops Won't Fall).
#8: It's Closing Time.
#7: The Party's Over.
#6: I Am A Man Of Constant Sorrow.
#5: Good Riddance (I Hope You Had The Time Of Your Life).
#4: Hit The Road, Jack.
#3: End of the Line.
#2: You're So Vain.
#1: From Russia With Love.


"Say Goodnight, Gracie" (

Thank God and Greyhound, You're Gone, Roy Clark

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