Thursday, January 19, 2017

Whatever Happened To Aleppo? What Is Love? -- January 19, 2017

It looks like the Russian a/c carrier is headed home. The tug that generally accompanies the a/c carrier appears to be anchored off Tunis.

... and here's the story: after two months off the Syrian coast, the Russian a/c carrier is headed home. That story was posted January 6, 2017.

Where's John Kerry?

Where's Waldo?

Enquiring minds want to know.

How Many Executive Orders Will President Trump Sign Tomorrow?

I apologize for being so lame on this one. There are a gazillion polls that could be taken right now:
  • who will get more TV coverage during the inauguration? Michelle or Melania 
  • will Tillerson be confirmed for Secretary of State?
  • related: will John Kerry submit his resignation?
  • will PEOTUS Trump tweet just prior to taking the oath?
  • will POTUS take one-last selfie?
But we will settle for this one:
There are reports that President Trump is expected to sign a "handful" of executive orders within 24 hours of being sworn in. How many executive orders do you think President Trump will sign within 24 hours of being sworn in?
Poll at the sidebar at the right.

Energy Deregulation: "Day One Agenda" For POTUS -- Harold Hamm

Story over at CNBC.

What Is Love?

Apparently there is a "closed luncheon" today for GOP senators and congressmen/women to offer congratulations to the new president the day before he is sworn in, sort of like a bachelor's party, I suppose. The difference is: at a bachelor's party, the bachelor's true friends are there.

Not true for PEOTUS. With rare exceptions, none of these guys at the luncheon openly supported Trump. He did it all by himself, despite the non-support of his party; the non-support of the Bushes; the non-support of Paul Ryan; and the outright biased coverage by all major networks and print media outlets. He did it entirely on his own.

Any doubt I'm wrong. The video at this link needs no further comment. 

I'm sure he is asking himself, "what is love?" #19 in the twenty songs that will be playing continuously over the next few days.

A Night At The Roxbury, What Is Love, Haddaway

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