Monday, January 30, 2017

To Infinity And Beyond -- Part II -- Snowiest January In New Mexico In Past Century -- January 30, 2017

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Memo to self: send note to the Kennedys.

Poor Timing

Canadian Prime Minister: tells Canadians that Canada will accept refugees refused by the US.

Twelve hours later: Ontario mosque subject of terrorist attack -- clearly a terrorist attack; six dead.

Yes, send those folks considered a risk to the US up to Canada. Just make sure the US-Canadian border remains secure.

It should be noted that to the best of my knowledge not one "refugee" was detained at NYC; all processed and allowed to enter the US. That is being reported by CNBC. A much bigger glitch was not political: almost 200 Delta flights canceled due to computer glitch. Something like 109 "refugees" went through "passport control" (like they are supposed to) but yet one Delta cancellation would have affected as many as 250 passengers. That was the real reason fro the "chaos" at JFK overnight. At least that's what some are saying. Most likely: "an alternative fact."

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