Monday, January 30, 2017

Idle Rambling -- Nothing About The Bakken -- January 30, 2017

I couldn't possibly be in a better mood. The weather probably has something to do with it.

Some say 2016 was the hottest year on record. I don't know. But after today -- 75 degrees in north Texas -- no wind -- no clouds -- and a perfect day for biking, this is what I have to say about global warming: embrace it. I am unaware of any single person (or married person, for that matter) in north Texas who is upset with the weather. It's my understanding we can expect a similar day tomorrow.

Carpe diem.

Last week we had a bit of rain; I was caught in a thunderstorm; rode home well after dark; found myself in a small creek but the bicycle and I made it. But what a mess. We live in a small apartment, no garden hoses. How do I wash the bike? Some folks in a similar situation go to local car wash. But then I remembered, Sophia lives in a house. With outside water and garden hoses. And, Sophia, who will be three years old in July, loves playing in the water.


Sophia can wash my bike!

A good washing on the patio.

More cleaning and drying; I put the bike back on the rack for easier access. 

Finally, a little cleaning / lubricating spray.


I caught the first four (4) minutes of CNBC's "Fast Money" this afternoon, and I'm sure that's exaclty what put me in such a great mood. The Trump rally is unprecedented. Unprecedented. 20,000.

Today, after an incredible roller-coaster of a weekend, the market lost half-a-percent; some indices might have lost a percent. The "Fast Money" crowd absolutely freaked out. You have got to be kidding. Solidly over 20,000 on Trump's third full business day in office, after being mired at 18,000 for six years under Obama, and today a half-percent loss and folks are freaking out. Professionals, at that. [Update: I was wrong, really wrong, that's why this is not an investment site; see first comment -- six years ago the market was at 11,000. Again, for "professionals" to "freak out" when the Dow pulls back a bit after this incredible run under President Obama and which continued to some extent after Donald Trump was elected, it boggles the mind. I guess everyone was hoping for more. I don't know.]

I need to watch Johnny Depp, Fear and Loathing, Hunter S Thompson. These guys, the "Fast Money" crowd are nuts.

Not only that, the market recovered nicely by the end of day.

Not only that, Hillary is not president.

Trump Is Not Like The Rest Of US

Nor is:
  • Steve Jobs (RIP)
  • Mike Bloomberg
  • Richard Branson (Virgin)
  • Bill Gates
  • Al Davis
  • Bill Belichick
Forty-seven percent of Americans can't figure that out. Nor can:
  • coastal cupcakes
  • Senate snowflakes (GOP and Dems)
  • the mainstream media
  • Joe Biden 
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