Tuesday, January 31, 2012

How Environmentally Safe Is The Bakken Boom? The Oil Industry Deserves A Lot Of Credit

Before and after pictures of the 2006 brine spill referenced: you be the judge.

One has to go back to 2006, before the current boom even began to find one significant spill ... and it wasn't oil, but brine. Still a problem but brine doesn't give TFE the emotion-generating photos that are critical to their cause.

Even the Bismarck Tribune realized the (lack of) timeliness in this story ... they buried the story near the end of the article.

I'm all for strong environmental safety, but let's give credit where credit is due: 2,000 wells/year and thousands of miles of new pipeline in addition to the tens of thousands of miles of old pipeline, and there's been one story in half a decade to use as an example for additional rules and regulations.

I can only conclude the oil industry in North Dakota deserves a lot of praise for all they do in an inherently dangerous and dirty endeavor. The occupiers in Oakland and DC have created greater health hazards than the oil industry in North Dakota.

And while the oil companies proudly fly Old Glory, the occupiers are now burning it. And, it should be noted, the president has aligned himself with the occupiers. But that was before they started burning the flag. Something tells me there will be no comment from the press secretary on whether the president still stands with the flag-burning group.

Blogging will be minimal today. Sorry.

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