Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Ceramic Proppant for Sale --

I was sent the following information in an e-mail. I asked the sender if I could post it directly on the blog, and he said I could.

This is not an endorsement or a recommendation. I did not solicit the information.  It is simply being placed on the blog after it was sent to me. If I remember, I will link this post with "Top Ten Fracking Companies" in the sidebar at the right so it's easy to find if anyone is interested.


I have ceramic proppant in 3 sizes: 20/40, 30/60 and 40/70.  

All three are available in low (7500 psi), intermediate (10,000 psi), and high (12,500 psi) strength grades.  

We currently have the capacity to supply nearly 15,000 tons per month of each.

Contact information below with link to website. 

Jared S. Head
Sr. Business Development Manager
Landy Energy Services
3077 Outlet Center Drive
Sealy, Texas 77474

work mobile: 713.392.5800
personal mobile: 832.867.1475
fax: 281.492.9873


  1. Hi Bruce, are you part of Landy company?

    1. Nope. The post seems to be self-explanatory. I am retired. I am part of no business. See disclaimer for this blog.