Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Perhaps the Best Non-Bakken Post of the Year! Decade? --

From "anon 1."   It is without a doubt, one of the "best" posts I've seen on the internet. I was ready to call it a night ... until I saw this.

Here's the link.

Here's the actual bulletin from McGrath, Alaska:
Good Morning, we have received a few phone calls regarding the school's cold weather policy. As a reminder, please see below.
Cold Weather School Schedule
Posted by McGrath School on 1/1/2012, 12:05 pm
Here is the policy that we will be following during the cold weather based upon the temperature broadcast on KSKO at 7am each morning.
The bus will run on all days that school is open. Please be sure that your children dress warmly with winter coats, snow pants, boots, hats, and gloves. Thank you.
Up to -49: Normal School Schedule

-50 to -54 LATE START. Students will be picked up 2 hours later than the usual time

-55 and colder: School will be closed.
On the late start days, students will be dismissed as follows:
Kindergarten: 3pm
1st-2nd Grade: 4:00pm
3rd-5th Grade: 4:30 pm
6th-12th Grade: 4:55pm
All after school activities will be cancelled on late start days.
Be sure to listen to KSKO at 7am to hear whether or not school is open, delayed, or cancelled.
Stay Warm!
I hope that clears things up, thank you for thinking of your children's safety.
When we were growing up in North Dakota, we used to say, seriously, that once it got to 40 below zero, one could not tell the difference.

I assume the difference between 49 below and 55 below has to do with engine block heaters failing. There is no way a human being could tell the difference between 49 and 55 below. Note: there is no reference to wind chill. Just saying.

Look how late they get out on "late start" days; obviously they get a full day of school despite a late start.

And I thought North Dakota roughnecks had it tough.

And on "snow days," high school students are expected to put the time to good use and clear the snow.

Google Maps was unable to calculate the distance between McGrath and Anchorage, or between McGrath and Fairbanks, but it appears McGrath is about 500 miles, equidistance from both Anchorage and Fairbanks, as if all three urban areas were points of an isosceles triangle with Fairbanks to the northeast, McGrath to the southwest of Fairbanks,  and Anchorage to the southeast of McGrath. The winters must be tough, but the summers must be absolutely gorgeous.


  1. This was posted on FB:

    1. Scores dead where extreme cold hit, but the temperatures noted were not as severe as those noted in the McGrath school advisory above.

  2. The cold might have to do with diesel fuel gelling. On "Ice Road Truckers" had additive for diesel fuel but I couldn't recall lower than -50F.

    Speaking of weather the Twin Cities (and I assume Williston) will be comfortably north of a major great plains blizzard which is expected to drop a foot to two feet of snow on the great plain in Iowas and northern Missouri.

    I suspect that we will be seeing some "boomtown" produce and grocery shortages in the Twin Cities, MN and probably Williston this weekend.

    1. I'm sure you are correct about freezing diesel; I was struggling to come up with a reason. I didn't really think block heaters were an issue, but I had to say something to get a response from someone. Thank you.

      Thank you, also, for the advisory about the blizzard: this will explain any shortages.

  3. http://sewardcitynews.com/2012/01/31/seward-truck-driver-recovering-from-moose-crash/

    anon 1

    1. One more problem we don't have in North Dakota. Though during last spring's flooding in the Williston area, at least one moose was spotted. Moose are there.