Friday, January 14, 2022

ISO NE Burning More Oil Than Renewable Energy For Power -- January 14, 2022

Carbon pricing: before we get to NE ISO, having already exempted "privately-owned jets" from "carbon pricing penalties," the EU has now voted to exempt "privately-owned yachts" from "CPP."  

Now, back to the Boston and burning oil to make electricity, something I thought we only saw in third world countries.

Link to ISO NE.

Meanwhile, In Other News

Sweden: Meanwhile, in a country that actually has no energy of its own, a Swedish power plant that's vital to keeping the country's lights on used almost eight times more oil last year as the energy crunch boosted demand for the dirtiest fuels. Link here.  Or go direct to the Bloomberg paywall.

Germany: to become net power importer for the first time since 2002. Link to Tsvetana Paraskova. Greta does a victory lap. 

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