Friday, January 14, 2022

Wrong, Wrong, Wrong: Expect "Cases" To Surge Starting Next Week. Not. -- January 14, 2022


January 15, 2022: starting February 2, 2022, hospitals will no longer be required to report daily deaths from Covid-19 to the federal government if Jon Gabriel is accurate. In addition, free in-home testing is going to surge, and folks are not going to report positive tests to the CDC. So, putting two + two together, the original post was wrong, wrong, wrong. 

"Positive tests" = "cases" will fall dramatically if those tests satisfy "passport" requirements. This is absolutely fascinating to watch, now that we are moving into the mid-terms. 
I doubt the CDC will be taking reports from John or Jane Dow when he/she tries to report a positive test to the CDC.

Original Post

"Positive tests" = "cases."

All households: four tests for each household, including shipping fees, absolutely free.

In addition, Medicare will pay for two tests each week per person, with a maximum of eight in-home tests per Medicare-eligible individual per month.  

Timing is important for pharmacies. The current (and perhaps, last) variant surge is about to peak.

The Twins Have Marked Their Calendar

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