Wednesday, November 24, 2021

Three New Permits; Active Rigs At 34; Utilities Start Cutting Off Power In Southern California Going Into Thanksgiving -- November 24, 2021

  • Southern California Edison says it began shutting off power in the mountains near Los Angeles as a precaution against potential wildfires sparked by strong winds.
  • The initial power shutoff includes 465 homes and businesses in San Bernardino County. SoCal Edison warns more than 150K homes and businesses could lose electricity by tomorrow, while Sempra Energy's San Diego Gas & Electric could shut power to more than 42K customers.
  • The National Weather Service says dry winds that swept southern California starting yesterday are expected to continue through Friday, raising the risk of dangerous fire conditions in the drought-stricken region.
  • After reaching a settlement with state regulators, SoCal Edison recently raised its estimated losses from wildfires in 2017-18 to $7.5B.

Back to the Bakken

Active rigs (see definitive active rig report here):

Active Rigs3414576253

Three new permits, 38678 - #38680, inclusive:

  • Operators: Oasis, MRO, Petro-Hunt
  • Fields: Dimmick Lake (McKenzie); Bailey (Dunn); and, Charlson (McKenzie)
  • Comments: of the operators has a permit for a new well --
    • Oasis, #38678, Allen 5197, SESW 36-151-94; 360 FS and 1599 FWL;
    • MRO, #8679, Walker 14-31H, lot3 section 6-145-93; 355 FNL and 1621 FWL;
    • Petro-Hunt, #38680, USA 153-95-5A-31-1H, lot 4 section 4-153-95; 384 FNL and 700 FWL;

Well name change: Whiting changed the names of two wells from "HU" to "HUC"):

  • 38289: was LBJ 14-14HU; now LBJ 14-14HUC
  • 38291: was LBJ 24-14HU; now LBJ 24-14HUC
  • one will be a middle Bakken well; the other will be a Three Forks first bench well;
  • not sure what the significance of "HU" to "HUC" is -- the "U" designates a unit well, or a line section well;
  • this is the first "HUC" designation by Whiting per "well search"; possibly designates the location of the well within the four-section drilling unit;
  • the scout tickets have not been updated;

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