Monday, February 24, 2020

A Closer Look At CLR Activity In Cedar Coulee Oil Field -- A Very, Very Small Field-- February 24, 2020

Posts with CLR permits in Cedar Coulee in the last four months:
The twenty CLR Gale / Rodney wells; of the twenty, at least eight are Three Forks, first bench wells:

Graphics of the Cedar Coulee oil field and the Gale/Rodney wells.

Currently producing wells of interest:
  • 22434, 738, CLR, Gale 2-32H, Cedar Coulee, four sections, t12/12; cum 285K 1/21;
  • 22436, 1,070, CLR, Gale 3-32H, Cedar Coulee, t1/13; cum 235K 1/21; after being off line for eight months, back on-line; production up slightly, 1/21;
  • 17211, IA/240, CLR, Gale 1-32H, Cedar Coulee, t8/08; cum 156K 7/20; remains off line 1/21;

  • 22433, 667, CLR, Rodney 2-29H, Cedar Coulee, t1/13; cum 184K 1/21; off line 2/20; back on line 7/20;
  • 22435, 648, CLR, Rodney 3-29H, Cedar Coulee, t12/12; cum 163K 1/21; intermittent production in 2020; now back on line, 1/21;
  • 17159, 811, CLR, Rodney 1-29H, Cedar Coulee, t8/08; cum 171K 1/21; struggling;

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