Monday, February 24, 2020

Notes From All Over, Part 1 -- February 24, 2020

From another post on the blog, re-posting:


February 24, 2020: fabulous recipe as reported by Leesa K. Donner --
In every one of these categories, Trump rally metrics show that American support for the president is bigger, stronger, and louder than 2016. Again, these are are metrics from the Trump rallies:
  • Toledo, OH: 22% identified as Democrats, 21% as independents; 15% had not voted in the last four presidential contests.
  • Hershey, PA: 18% of attendees were non-white.
  • Milwaukee, WI: 57.9% did not have a history of voting Republican.
  • Phoenix, AZ: 18% identified as Democrats, 26% didn’t vote in 2016.
Recipe: Death By A Thousand Cuts

The recipe:
One cup of people from the other party, two teaspoons of independents, a dash of black voters, and you have one hell of a recipe for Democrat Disaster FlambĂ©. 
If these statistics are a harbinger of things to come then it’s all over save the fat lady bursting into “God Bless America.”

And that, my friends, is what has the Democrats freaking out.
Twisting In The Wind

This will be most interesting, to watch Joe Scarborough, et al, endorse Bernie Sanders for president. 

Twist In My Sobriety, Tanita Tikaram
More Politics
A reader asked whether I was accurate in an earlier post:
Did Bloomberg really say it doesn't take any gray matter to be a farmer? 
Answer: links everywhere. Here is one.
More Politics

The Bloomberg ads are becoming a real nuisance.  

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