Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Jones Act Executive Order? -- April 24, 2019; ATT Does Just Fine, Thank You

Like him, hate him.

Good, bad, or indifferent.

No one can argue this president is the most "active" of any modern president. One never knows what will happen next. Now, the Jones Act. He's weighing in. Link here at Bloomberg.

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ATT: misses 1Q19 revenue forecast; link here --
  • adds 80,000 net wireless phone subscribers (it was reported yesterday Verizon lost around 40,000 subscribers)
  • at 86 cents per share, hit forecast right on the penny (down a penny from last year, by the way)
  • revenue: $44.8 billion vs $45.11 billion
  • oh, give me a break -- "misses" revenue forecast -- give me a break -- 0.7%
  • T is up 7 cents in pre-market trading
Housing slump? What housing slump: US new home sales hit one-and-a-half-year high

Investing: why the 60/40 portfolio is dead for retirement planning (Rebecca Lake: nominee for 2019 Geico Rock Award)

Dropbox: another one I missed; never invested in it; should have; won't now.

CP Railway: misses; cold weather in Canada unexpected (whatever happened to global warming?)
Canada's challenging winter conditions extended to February, with a winter storm dumping heavy snow and ice pellets on the most populated parts of the country, paralyzing transportation.
  • Canada's second largest railroad
  • earned C$2.79/share; forecast -- C$3.01 -- a big miss
  • revenue rose 6.3% to C$1.77 billion; forecast not provided
Noble Energy: approves 9% hike in dividend.

Energy targets: seven big oil targets that may go next after the Chevron-Anadarko deal. Link here --
  • Diamondback Energy: $13.29 billion (market cap);
  • Concho Resources: $22.94 billion;
  • Noble Energy: $13.03 billion;
  • Pioneer Natural Resources: $29.58 billion; -- one of the largest Permian operators (acreage)
  • Parsley Energy: $5.81 billion;
  • Apache: $13.96 billion;
  • Hess: $19.22 billion.
Comments on above list:
  • no mention of potential acquirers (domestic, foreign, peers)
  • surprised (but excited) to see Hess on the list: personally I would hate to see Hess bought -- it's been such an icon in North Dakota from the very beginning
  • JAG, market cap of $2.4 billion should have been on the list
Market, pre-market opening, and related news:
  • futures: Dow positive overnight; now turns negative (7:45 a.m. ET)
  • Tesla: earnings to be "ugly" today according to many sources
  • Tesla: bringing back its less expensive Model S, Model X
  • XLNX: up another 47 cents; on a roll
  • SRE: no data; interesting to watch; rate hike requested;
  • expect majors to be down today 
  • OXY: 7% drop -- wow
Late-morning trading:
  • all the oils are down
  • but, holy mackerel, XLNX is up another $4.20, up over 3%; now trading at $141

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