Monday, April 2, 2018

Going Biking After This Post -- April 2, 2018

From a contributor over at SeekingAlpha:
  • investors who take it for granted that electric cars are cheaper to run, need to think again
  • a comparison between Tesla Model 3 and the three leading hybrid cars of calendar year 2018 from Toyota, Honda and Hyundai proves otherwise
  • at the current typical Supercharger price of $0.24 per kWh, a Tesla Model 3 is $0.06 per mile. At the current gasoline price of $2.65, the 50+ MPG hybrids are $0.05 per miletThen you have to add that the Model 3 has at best half the range and takes at least 10-20x as long to recharge that inferior range
  • of course, the Model 3 also costs twice as much, and you have to assign an approximate $1,000 per year to battery depreciation, alone more than driving on gasoline for a year
But, hey, a Tesla looks really, really cool. 

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