Friday, June 30, 2017

Seven States Whose Residents Must Just Love Their Representatives -- States Where Gasoline Taxes Jump On July 4th Weekend -- June 30, 2017

The seven states:
  • California: a trivial jump in state income tax, at 1.9 cents/bbl -- rate calculated based on a formula that ties the rate to the price of gas; but get this: on November 1, 2017, the gasoline tax will increase by 12 cents and diesel will increase by 20 cents
  • Montana: jumps 4.5 cents/gallon; rising first time in 23 years
  • Tennessee: jumps 4 cents/gallon; first assessment since 1989
  • West Virginia: 3.5 cents
  • South Carolina: 2 cents; first of six annual hikes of the same size; first increase since 1989
  • Maryland: 0.3 cents/gallon based on an inflation formula
But get this: two states will lower their gasoline taxes --
  • Iowa: the gasoline tax will drop 0.2 cents/gallon (trivial) but the tax on blended ethanol that accounts for most of the market will remain unchanged
  • Nebraska: dropping 0.3 cents/gallon now, but will jump 1.5 cent(s) on January 1, 2018
Hey, what happened to New Jersey? I thought New Jersey raised their state gasoline tax. The state did ... but it was last year, November 1, 2016 -- state gasoline tax jumped 23 cents/gallon in New Jersey --  New Jersey drivers no longer pay the second-lowest state gas taxes in the U.S., a rare exception in an otherwise high-tax state ... corresponding sales, estate and income tax cuts will be phased in over years.

Line Dancing -- Liverpool, 1962

Wow, this is really quite amazing: line dancing in Liverpool during the era of the "British invasion." At the video below skip ahead 25:15 to see some great line-dancing, specifically, the Memphis.

John O'Hara And His Playboys, 1965
Wiki suggests line dancing began in the disco era of the 1970. Clearly, line dancing began long before the '70s.

And this is how they do it in Texas:

Boot Scottin' Boogie, Brooks and Dunn

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