Friday, June 30, 2017

It's Cold In North Dakota -- The Political Page, T+161, Part II -- June 30, 2017

So hot in Phoenix last week, airplanes were grounded. Reported over and over. And over and over.

Meanwhile, record cold this summer in the northern tier and the northeast US -- and not a peep. But much, much more at the IceAgeNow:
Last week all you heard was it’s so hot the airplanes can’t take off, but now with record cold during summer and 1/4 of the northern and N.E USA below normal … not a peep.

Also, global temperatures aren’t rising as expected this summer, another indication of the intensifying mini ice age. Snows in Russia days earlier, meters of snow in South America and atmospheric compression events at dozens of locations planet wide.

The changes are beginning. We are entering a mini ice age.

Indeed, according to, September-like cool air is about to plunge into the midwestern and northeastern US.
Baby, It's Cold Outside, Neptune's Daughter

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