Friday, June 30, 2017

Great Way To End The 2Q17 -- Murder Jared -- Chris Matthews -- June 30, 2017

Why notFrom If anyone has, had, or has had questions about Chris Matthews' political leanings, this pretty much clinches it.

You're fired: I posted a note about ObamaCare the other day suggesting that --
  • in the "financial" arena,  senators might be able to find a way to come together on ObamaCare, but it's all about Medicaid now
  • in the political arena, senators will not be able to come together on ObamaCare
Solution: repeal it as the first step. Come back later and "replace" it. That's the current talk in Washington. It is interesting to note that a Trump tweet earlier this week (last week?) suggested he wasn't all that excited about health care reform any more. Tea leaves are starting to swirl. [Update: about 30 minutes after posting this, I was scrolling through Twitter and found this Donald J Trump tweet:
If Republican Senators are unable to pass what they are working on now, they should immediately REPEAL, and then REPLACE at a later date!]
Well, that ends that.

He better hope there are no e-mails: From Burlington Free Press --
Facing more questions about Burlington College, Sen. Bernie Sanders is denying that his office exerted any pressure to help secure a loan for the small liberal-arts school once led by his wife.

Junk? We should know by next week whether Illinois is junk. But will that really change anything? I mean, really change anything. Probably not.

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