Tuesday, January 11, 2022

From Social Media Today -- January 11, 2022

From social media today.

  • OPEC does not want oil to reach $100 / bbl -- Oman's energy minister. 
    • Comment: $100 oil and the swing producer -- US shale -- will outdrill OPEC.
  • We probably remain in an era of very low interest rates. -- Jay Powell.
    • Does this sound like four rate increases is going to be much of a concern?
  • I will be introducing legislation tomorrow for N95 masks to be sent to every household in the country. -- Bernie Sanders.
    • LOL.
  • Brent at new high. What ridiculous thing happens now? Tom Loughrey.
    • New variant. What comes after Greek "omicron"?
  • It is time to talk about OPEC and its inability to perform. -- Crudehead.
    • Theme for 2022: spare capacity.
  • Stock market: majors surge. Majors don't move without big institutional buyers. Greed always wins out .. always. -- Dan Pickering.
    • Yup.
  • It will take two to four meetings to go through the balance sheet decision. -- Jay Powell. 
    • Does this sound like the Fed is going to move very quickly?
  • California has a $46 billion budget surplus. -- Joe Weisenthal. 
    • Amazing what a booming economy will do for any state's budget.

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