Tuesday, January 11, 2022

Wow, Some Analyst Downgraded Devon Earlier This Morning -- Talk About Poor Timing -- Is Anyone Paying Attention? January 11, 2022

WTI just soared through $81. Link here

Surge to $81 comes just after the Brandon administration announces efforts to restrain drilling in Alaska. LOL. What in the world are "they" thinking. The question is whether the president was even aware of this. 

Time to release more oil from the SPR? So XOM can sell it to China and India?

And then some analyst downgraded Devon this morning. I didn't post / link the story -- it was unworthy of being linked. LOL. Hours later WTI soars through $80 and then $81.

Worse timing ever.

Devon up about a percent today, though much less than I would have expected. 

  • DVN: up 0.83%; up about 45 cents; trading at $48.90. Later: 1.75%; up 85 cents; trading at $49.35.
  • CVX: On a tear. Up 1.3%. Later: up 2.2%; up $2.73; trading at $127.91.
  • COP: up about 0.8%. Later: up 2.28%; up $1.85; trading at $82.89.
  • PSX: up 2.6%; up $2.14. Trading at $86.02. Later: up 3.14%; up $2.63; trading at $86.51.
  • XOM: up 2.5%; up $1.79. Trading at $70.24. Later: up 3.75%; up $2.55; trading at $71.00.

Others, non-energy, of interest:

  • TSM: up 2.4%; up $3; trading at $128. I see TSM as a proxy for AAPL, and vice versa. 
  • FCX and SCCO both up about the same percentage amount

Rest of market:

  • Jay Powell remarks
  • Ten-year Treasury
  • Covid economy

Back to energy:

  • whatever the earnings are when reported for 4Q21, right now it appears they will pale what the earnings will be for 1Q22; something to think about
  • could this be an incredible year or what?

The only thing that can slow down WTI: announcing another Covid variant. Yes, that will do it. China? South Africa? Austria? Lichtenstein?


  1. Barkleys on 12/27 maintained CLR as underweight and lower price target to $41/share.

    1. Thank you, so much. I had not seen that. Just to confirm for other readers, this is not an investment site. We track and comment on the market to help us better understand the energy sector in general, and the Bakken, specifically. If this is important to you, go to the credible sources. I'm not sure I would consider the MDW a credible source. LOL.