Thursday, April 8, 2021

Notes And Comment -- Mid-Morning -- Thursday, April 8, 2021

The market: investors continue to climb the wall of worry; YOLO, FOMO

Seventy years of drilling in the Williston Basin: the Bill Shemorry photograph collection.

New York state
: richest New Yorkers will now have a top tax rate of over 50%; more than most Europeans pay. Link here. I don't have a dog in that fight. I will report it, follow it, but have no interest. Folks are free to vote with their feet in these United States. Texas? No state income tax and the best highways in the country. And the best football stadiums I might add.

Fire in the hole! That huge Pemex refinery fire has been extinguished. First reports of fire here.

Mercedes, the automotive/trucking company I follow most: 1Q21 sales jump 22% after demand surges from China, North America. Link here

Mercedes looks like it is joining the cabal of automakers who have smashed expectations for Q1, as the auto industry posts its first YOY comps that are helped along by last year's global Covid lockdown. 

Sales were up 22% in Q1 thanks to not only easy comps, but also record demand out of China. Globally, Mercedes-Benz sold 581,270 cars and saw its China sales figures rise by 60%. China is the biggest market for the brand, according to Bloomberg. 

The manufacturer also saw a slight tick up in Europe, where sales rose 1.8% to a total of 192,302 cars. The company's global share of sales of plug in hybrids and full EVs was more than 25% in Europe. That number falls to about 10% worldwide.

Covid-19: a "biological Fukushima" in Brazil. Link here. This was "predicted" months ago; easily seen by anyone following the daily / weekly global stats. The first graphic at the link is breathtaking. If you have fear of heights and/or suffer from vertigo, do not click on the linked site.

The pandemic is over. Link here. Of course, to say that, one has to understand science, a bit of arithmetic, and forget personality politics. 

The curious Caracara: book review in The Wall Street Journal. Link here. The magpie on steroids. Although the "magpie" story appears to be a meme not grounded in reality.

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