Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Huge Win For Both, But Investors Clearly Think Qualcomm Was The Big Winner -- Waiting For Trump To Weigh In With His Two Cents Worth -- April 16, 2019, T+4, Part 2


April 18, 2019: see original note. Apparently there is at least one other lawsuit/issue. It turns out Apple and Qualcomm are still going to court to settle the patent issue. I'm not sure I understand all this.

Having said, regarding the case that was settled out of court this week, Macrumors has more on this issue. Not publicly disclosed but UBS analyst suggests:
  • Apple likely paid somewhere around $5 to $6 billion to settle its ongoing legal battle with Qualcomm
  • this $5 to $6 billion payment would have been royalty fees that Apple had stopped paying over the course of its two-year legal fight with Qualcomm
  • Qualcomm may also be receiving between $8 and $9 per iPhone from Apple in ongoing patent royalties
  • Qualcomm said is expects to increase its earnings per share by $2
  • Apple previously paid $7.50 in royalties, so at $8 to $9 per iPhone, Apple would be shelling out more cash than it did before
  • Apple appears to have had no alternative but to settle with Qualcomm, as it had no other way to source 5G chips for its 2020 iPhone lineup
  • Apple initially had planned to use Intel chips but rumors suggest that Intel wasn't meeting development goals
  • after the Apple-Qualcomm settlement was announced, Intel announced it was abandoning 5G chip development altogether
  • Samsung will start rolling out 5G this year; Apple could not afford any delay
Original Post

Apple / Qualcomm settle suit out of court.

Qualcomm stock surges, but it was also a huge win for AAPL investors also.

The trial was set to begin this month.

Site of trial: San Diego:

Qualcomm headquartered in San Diego.

Disclaimer: this is not an investment site. Do not make any investment, financial, job, travel, or relationship decisions based on what you read here or what you think you may have read her.

Netflix: later. If I remember.

IBM: misses.

WTI: whoo-hoo -- up 1%; closed at $64.04. Link here, API data:
  • crude oil inventory, weekly draw of 3.096 million bbls vs expectations of a 1.711 million barrel build
  • gasoline draw of 3.561 million bbls; vs a draw of 2.133 million bbls
  • false precision: 0.001 million bbls = 1,000 bbls
  • numbers would be a bit more "credible" if the draw had been 3 million bbls vs an expectation of 2 million bbls
  • 1,000 bbls / 100 million bbls consumed daily world wide = 0.00001 or 0.001% (assuming the arithmetic is correct; a big assumption)
  • whatever
Hope springs eternal: T-Mobile / Sprint deal unlikely in current form.

The "fix" is in: FAA finds Boeing "fix" "suitable." Has anyone seen the ATT commercials, "just good enough" is not good enough? Or something to that effect. "Hello, this is your captain speaking. In a few minutes we will be taking off. Thank you for choosing to fly our Boeing 737 Max 8. The FAA has found 'our fix' to crashing jets to be 'suitable.' Have a good flight."

I can give you sixteen reasons, but eight is a good start: "8 reasons why gas prices are going up." Link here, at MoneyWise. The number one reason, the elephant in the room: President Obama killed the Keystone XL. Six of the eight reasons given at the link are crap but they "cover" Obama's ass.

China: looking to buy more US pork, poultry to reach trade deal. 10-1 odds Trump will be given no credit by the mainstream media if this happens. China was hoping to wait Trump out but Goldman Sachs now predicts Trump will win a second term. Trump's popularity at this point is higher than Obama's -- 53%.

Wells Fargo: could be the GE of the banking sector, InvestorPlace. Warren Buffett has held on to Wells Fargo through thick and thin.

Beto; not charitable. Released tax returns: never gave more than 0.5% of $350,000 annual income. What was that about tithing? From a reader, if 10% was good enough for Jesus, 10% ought to be good enough for Uncle Sam:

If 10% Is Good Enough ...., Ray Stevens

Boeing: government bailout just in time. Secures $14 billion deal for modernizing B-1 and B-52 bombers. Zacks. Zacks with a "k." Goldman Sachs with an "h."

Home free. Anadarko rises after analysts say Chevron deal "looks fair." Has anyone see the new ATT commercials ....


  1. Pondering...."Beto; not charitable. Released tax returns: never gave more than 0.5% of $350,000 annual income. What was that about tithing?

    An old partner used to espouse that "The Lord loves a cheerful giver, but He'll take from a grouch"! Beto is perhaps not a grouch, just a typical liberal more incline to give away other folks' money than his own. Or so it appears. Usually they dress up their return a bit when they announce their intention to run for higher office. Any bets on what his 2018 return will look like?

    1. " ... what his 2018 return will look like?" We last saw a great example of that years (decades?) ago with Joe Biden, if I recall correctly.

  2. Just sayin'.... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CQc_WPUCE-o

    1. I had fun with that ... see above for the update. Thank you.