Thursday, January 4, 2018

Winter Storm Grayson; Equity Futures; Truck Manufacturing -- The Stories Keep Coming -- January 4, 2018

Winter Storm Grayson, from a reader today, via e-mail:
FWIW ... Today, a phenomenal record was set for intraday spot price gas trading.
At $175 mmbtu at Transco Zone 6 (New York City), this price shattered the previous high of $125 mmbtu set at the height of the 2014 Polar Vortex
If the next 3 day frigid forecast comes to pass, we may witness a disaster up there.
Also this:
Looks like nuclear generation dropped at 10:00 AM today (see graphic below).
Seems to be about the amount the 700 Mw Pilgrim plant puts out. 
This nuclear plant is located on the coast where record high tides are happening
Just more issues for those folks to deal with.


Futures mean squat, but this is quite extraordinary. Last day of a short week of trading after the first of the new year. I don't know what this means ... but ...

I've seen this before only to see if turn negative overnight. This could simply be "overhang" from today's huge close.

I don't know how many saw Jim Cramer the other night -- I did not see him tonight -- he was "flabbergasted" that so many mom-and-pop investors pulled their money out of the market a year ago and have not yet gotten back in. He's been on that point for the last few days -- I wish I had seen him tonight -- and it looks like The WSJ decided to fact-check Jim. Here's a screenshot of today's headline story, taken at 6:35 p.m. CT, January 4, 2018
Link here.

Jim is not calling this a "bull" market. He's calling it a beast.

I would write much more but this is not an investment site. Do not make any investment, financial, travel, job, or relationship decisions based on what you read your here or what you think you may have read here.

Making America great again: I've talked about this several times. There have been many, many stories on the truck manufacturing business in the US, how it is surging. My son-in-law works for a truck manufacturing plant in the Pacific Northwest. He told me some months ago that his plant was booming; that was confirmed by a number of business stories in the mainstream business media about truck manufacturing in the US. Today, I learn that his plant had planned to begin hiring more workers; the original plan was to begin the hiring process in March, 2018, but they have moved that up to February, 2018.

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