Saturday, December 31, 2016

Random Update Of An Old Fidelity (MDU) Well Restored To Production By Kaiser-Francis Oil; EOG Reports Fracking With Almost 23 Million Lbs Sand -- December 31, 2016

  • 17641, 448, Kaiser-Francis/Fidelity, Fladeland 44-31H, Sanish field, t7/09; cum 113K 11/16; this well was taken off-line December, 2014 (though there is record of 3 bbls of production 5/15); in 11/16, this well was "cleaned out" and brought back into production by Kaiser-Francis. 
Mega-Fracks / High Intensity Fracks: Note. I don't have time to check completions on all wells. When I do check completions, I update them, and if the completions are noteworthy, I might post a stand-alone post on them. This is just one random example. Note this EOG well,  22.72 million lbs of sand; 58 stages:
  • 30442, 1,135, EOG, Shell 17-2819H, 58 stages, 22.72 million lbs, t10/16; cum 30K 11/16;
The sister well on this pad also used a lot of sand:
  • 30444, 407, EOG, Shell 15-2819H, 49 stages, 19.84 million lbs, t10/16; cum 20K 11/16;
Two EOG wells in the same section, on a 2-well pad, just to the east:
  • 30469, 1,203, EOG, Shell 22-2819H, 54 stages, 22.03 million lbs, t10/16; cum 43K 10/16;
  • 30781, 1,211, EOG, Shell 23-2820H, 49 stages, 19.84 million lbs, t10/16; cum 36K 11/16;
In addition to how much sand EOG used on these wells, note how far east these wells are, on the fringe of the Bakken (see this post also):

I can never remember this stuff so I'm posting it again, from an earlier post, October 15, 2016:
Start with this: each hopper car carries 100 tons of fracking sand.

Some data points for newbies:
  • the shale revolution began with fracking sand, maybe 500,000 pounds per well in one stage. BEXP broke new ground when they began routinely using 4 million lbs to frack a well. Since then, EOG has taken the lead. 
  • EOG is using upwards of 30 million lbs of sand to frack a well in the Permian, others using similar amounts in the STACK.
  • operators in the Bakken appear to be using about 8 million lbs as the standard, though there are outliers, mostly at 10 million lbs, but there are some Bakken wells fracked with as much as 20 million lbs (rare).
  • there appears to be a movement away from ceramic (incredibly expensive)
  • one rail hopper car can carry 100 tons of fracking sand.
  • a unit train is generally 115 cars. Some are as long as 130 cars.
  • it takes 4 - 5 18-wheelers to empty a single hopper car.
  • 30 million lbs of sand (one Permian well) / 200,000 lbs (hopper car) = 150 hopper cars = 750 18-wheelers (5 trucks per rail car). 
  • 4 million lbs of sand (one Bakken well) / 200,000 lbs (hopper car) = 20 hopper cars = 100 18-wheelers (5 trucks per rail car).
 I often make simple arithmetic errors. Let me know if I've made an error here.
So how many trucks of fracking sand for a well fracked with 20 million lbs?
  • 4 million lbs = 100 18-wheelers
  • 20 million lbs = 500 18-wheelers 
And that's why Job Service North Dakota is seeing an increase in job openings for those requiring a commercial driver's license (CDL). 

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