Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Two New Permits; Five Permits Renewed; No DUCs Reported As Completed -- November 23, 2016

Active rigs:

Active Rigs3765191185183

Two new permits:
  • Operator: Enerplus
  • Field: Spotted Horn (McKenzie)
  • Comments:
Five permits renewed:
  • EOG (2): two Wayzetta permits, Mountrail County
  • Whiting (2): two Pronghorn Federal permits, Billings County
  • Berengy: a Borstad 30-4 permit, Bottineau County
No producing wells (DUCs) reported as completed.

Gasoline Demand

The Literature Page

The Wall Street Journal has a weekly "Review" section which, I believe, is in the Saturday/weekend edition.

For various reasons, I did not see the November 18/19, 2016, issue of The Wall Street Journal until this evening. Wow, the "Review" section must be the Thanksgiving / Christmas edition. It's much thicker (more pages) than usual.

Articles that caught my interest:
  • Monet's Luminous Abyss: Mad Enchantment, by Ross King
  • Charles the Greatest: Charlemagne, by Johannes Fried
  • Hudson River Volley: 1777: Tipping Point at Saratoga, by Dean Snow
  • Dinosaurs, A to Z: The Princeton Field Guide to Dinosaurs, by Gregory S Paul, 
  • The Musings of the Master: Travels by Henry James, and The Daily Henry James, edited by Evely Smalley
  • Kafka's Own Metamorphosis: Kafka: The Early Years, by Reinter Stach; and, IS That Kafka? 99 Finds, by Reiner Stach
  • How To Speak Oyster: The Essential Oyster, by Rowan Jacobsen
  • A House at the End of the World: Orion on the Dunes, by Daniel G. Payne
  • The Flavors of an Empire: Taste of Persia, by Naomi Duguid
  • Astro Teller: the head of Alphabet's X on embracing creativity and accepting failure
Each one of these is personal for me.
  • Monet? My introduction to art. Currently a special Monet exhibit at the Kimball Museum, Ft Worth; the exhibit here and in San Francisco, only. We have seen it three times (most recently yesterday with the granddaughters). We will see it at least once more before the exhibit ends in mid-January, 2017.
  • Dinosaurs? Childhood fascination. I bought the Gregory S Paul field guide last year when we visited the Perot Museum in Dallas.
  • Henry James? Had a woman in Yorkshire not mentioned Henry James in passing, I may never have discovered him. If I had, he would not have been as memorable without Colleen mentioning him.
  • Hudson River Volley? I just completed a book on the "history" of Benedict Arnold; until I read that book, I never had a good feeling for the traitor.
  • Kafka? Our older daughter and I have a long history of Kafka going back to the days when she was Kafka in high school and we were exploring Kafka-esque alleys in Germany.
  • Oysters? Hardly needs explanation.
  • A house at the end of the world: it turns out this is about the Nauset Beach on the Cape Cod National Seashore, a place I visited numerous times between 2009 and 2013, and one of my favorite places in the world.
I will read them over the long weekend.

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