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Wells I No Longer Follow -- November 23, 2016

This is simply some housekeeping. Nothing new here. This has all been posted before. The page where this came from was getting too long. These are wells that I was watching for some reason or other; once I saw what I wanted to see, I "closed" them out.

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April 10, 2016: long-reach, under-the-water, CLR wells, #32605 and #32606. Will come off confidential list February 23, 2017. Updates here, 3/19. 

February 18, 2016: in today's daily active report this well was transferred from WW Oilfield Services to Fury Energy:
  • 649, 417, Fury Energy, LLC, Furlong Syverson 4, Tioga, a Madison well, t8/54; cum 181K 5/93; this is a SWD but want to see if anything changes;

October 18, 2015: follow-up production jump on #16510. There was what appears to be a halo effect in June, 2015, but there are still three more wells waiting to be fracked; it will be interesting to see how fracking these three north/south wells affect the double-lateral #16510. This well, #16510, needs to remain on the list of wells that need to be followed up (March 27, 2016). Follow-up here. 3/19.

June 11, 2015: is MRO drilling laterals in the Powell well / Tyler formation?

April 13, 2015: are new flaring rules the "long pole in the tent"?

February 17, 2015: this well was IA/SI (inactive/shut-in) the day it came off the confidential list; during the slump in oil prices; developed a hole in liner during stim ops; CLR may come back to re-drill:
  • 27563, PA/420, CLR, Holstein Federal 1-25H, Elm Tree, when I checked May 5, 2015, the frack data showed only one frack stage; the well was shown as active, having produced nicely in February and March, 2015, but no test date; was it fracked? Update: test date 2/11/15; cum 32K 5/15; only 10 days in 6/15; none in 7/15 or 8/15; update here; remains PA, 8/16;
August 17, 2014:
  • 26738, 103, Hess, Ti-Wao-157-95-14H-1, Tioga, t7/14; cum 37K 3/19; this is a Lodgepole well; Hess will come back to this well on/about May 7, 2014, to drill this well to TD of 13,693 feet; and then complete it with a multi-stage acid frack; the company will core the upper and the middle Lodgepole; the company will also core the upper, middle, and lower Bakken; the company will core the 1st and 2nd benches of the Three Forks, and the upper 30' of the Three Forks third bench; 640-acre spacing for a Lodgepole well. [Updates: 12/14: no production since early September, 2014; Update: actually produced 60 bbls in one day in April, 2015; also noted that well is now IA (previously TA); 6/15: completed] [Update, 9/15 -- well back on-line and producing.] I track this well here: link. A lousy well.
October 3, 2016: new lease on life?
  • 17850,487, EOG, Cottonwood 2-35H (1 sec). Wells have not been particularly good in this field; Cottonwood, t8/09; cum 137K 11/16;inactive as of 9/15; back on status as of 7/16; cum 135K 9/16; this is interesting: in an earlier sundry form, dated April 28, 2016, EOG planned to plug and abandon this well, saying that an equipment failure made it too expensive to bring it back on-line. Then a sundry form received August 3, 2016, suggested that a workover rig had brought this well back to life. Production doubled; from 500 bbls/month to 1,000 bbls/month. NDIC map suggests this horizontal is actually in Alger oil field, not Cottonwood.
November 28, 2016: there are nine wells on the Rath Federal pad; it looks like one well was directional before the KOP while the others were vertical; when they come off confidential list check the depths of the nine wells; they all pretty much end at the same western point. Update: probably just an anomaly on the graphic; no big deal; TD's all make sense.

January 29, 2017, original post undated:
 Rawson oil field wells:
  • 21825, IA/984, Nine Point Energy/Triangle, Gullickson Trust 150-101-36-25-1H, Rawson, t6/12; cum 171K 10/18; 14 days in December, 2014; and, 14 days in January, 2015; 22 days 9/15; inactive as of the end of 3/16; back on-line 5/16;
  • 21826, PNC, Triangle, Gullickson Trust 150-101-36-25-2H, Rawson, renewed Nov 1, 2013; LOC as of 11/2/15
  • 21827, 1,173, Nine Point Energy/Triangle, Gullickson Trust 150-101-36-25-3H, Rawson, t6/12; cum 189K 10/18;
  • 21828, PNC, Triangle, Gullickson Trust 150-101-36-25-4H, Rawson, renewed Nov 1, 2013; LOC as of 11/2/15
December 16, 2014: noted this monster well has been inactive for past few months --
  • 18973, 2,579, QEP/Helis, State 1-16/21H, Blue Buttes, t10/10; cum 690K 11/20; inactive 4/14; looks like it might be back on line as of 10/14; yes, now shown to be active, 12/14; huge jump in production in 12/14; coming back on line after permission to commingle production from multiple wells; large production number could be due to 'mis-allocation' during early commingling; random update, March 20, 2015; random update, May 7, 2015; major update here, December 15, 2015; same link, updated August 7, 2016; updated here, October 22, 2016 -- is a neighboring refrack responsible for this? Check up on #28168 -- QEP says it plans to re-complete. API: 33-053-05828. Update: it was fracked a second time, summer, 2015; see this post. Can be closed out in month or two after we see production for a few months.
July 15, 2016: the 8-well Skarston pad plus the oldest ninth Skarston well in immediate area. It sounds like Statoil asked for a waiver for delayed production until 4/16. Check back in two to three months (9/16) to see if all wells back on status. Mostly curious if #21664 comes back on status. Reader has asked me to keep track of these wells; reader is curious if/when they come back on status. Update, #21664 appears to be back on status as of 10/16; some production 10/16 and 11/16. It appears that all Skarston well at the link were back on status, autumn, 2016.  Updated, 10/18 -- incredible story -- see the oldest Skarston well update. Truly amazing. See this update.

August 24, 2015: 20085, the "old" Nelson well, huge uptick in production

December 8, 2015: check halo effect on these SHD wells in Clarks Creek in the next few months. Updated February 3, 2016; still needs updating; many wells have gone to "inactive" status. Update: November 23, 2016: all are back on active status, now. Not particularly good wells, yet. July 10, 2020: worst group of wells ever seen; 

October 3, 2016: a great well taken off line in August, 2016:
20210, 803, CLR, Whitman 2-34H, Oakdale, Bakken, s1/11; t9/11; AL; cum 1.730951 million bbls 5/20; 24 stages; 2.4 million lbs; middle Bakken; runs south; 4 section spacing; this is an incredible well; still 19,000 bbls in October, 2015; off-line all of 8/16; back on-line September, 2016; updated here; see this post, 3/19; something doesn't add up.
March 19, 2015: update here, May 22, 2016. Lots of activity in this area; look for halo effect after 3/16; I didn't see any halo effect, but there are some incredible wells in this area;
  • 21963, 4,447, Bruin/HRC, Fort Berthold 148-95-26A-35-2H, Eagle Nest, Three Forks, originally 1280-acre spacing; changed to 4 sections, original post here; t3/15; cum 532K 5/20;Update 5/15: 49 stages, 5.1 million lbs; now as of 3/16, taken off-line; now back on status; incredible well; still producing 4,000 bbls/month, 3/19;
February 14, 2015: why was this one inactive; now back on status, as of 7/15.
  • 20272, 800, Hess/Tracker, SC-Norman 154-98-3130H-1, 36 stages, 4.4 million lbs, t10/11; cum 288K 5/20; went inactive 6/14; back on status, 7/15; update here; it's interesting to see amount of flaring; other wells around it with much less flaring [October 18, 2015]; still flaring a lot (11/15); see possible halo effect for this well at this link; still flaring a lot, 9/16; no flaring 11/16; still flaring a lot, 5/20;
January 13, 2016: check out the Birdbear later --
  • 11698, 502, BTA, 9210 JV-P Federal DM 1, Beaver Creek, Red River, t1/86; cum 545K 5/20; in early 2014 this well was re-entered and tested the Nisku (Birdbear); Birdbear: 6/14; spacing 320 acres; no production noted; production steady at about 750 bbls/month from the Red River, 3/19;
April 6, 2016: BR is now drilling another lateral from this site. #20336; results now posted, November 23, 2016. No impact, t8/11; cum 201K 5/20;

November 7, 2015: check out production profile of first well at this post, and maybe the whole post. Updated, July 30, 2016. We now know why this page caused so much confusion. I might check it one more time and then remove it from "things that need to be followed up." #26485, Hawkeye 16-21 3H, Statoil, in Todd oil field; nice well, now, 3/19; 

January 5, 2016: this well on-line for only 18 days in 11/15:
  • 18576, 1,190, BR, Concord 24-10H, Little Knife, t2/11; cum 232K 5/20; only 18 days in 11/15; back on line until 8/16 when only 12 days in that month; struggling, 3/19;
March 10, 2016: we may not know the answer for a year or so, but it will be interesting to see which way the horizontals run from this 6-well pad; their names suggest three will run east-west; three run north to south; all horizontals in this area currently run north/south, so wells running east-west would seem to be highly unusual. See March 16, 2016, entry above; same thing. Update, November 23, 2016: these wells all run north-south.

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