Friday, November 15, 2013

I Need To Know; My Heart Goes Out To The One-Third That Wanted To Keep Their Jobs

This is an op-ed from the New York Times on the story that is breaking: the machinists union voted down the Boeing contract which would have guaranteed that the 777X would have been built in Seattle.
... [but Boeint's plans came apart with] a vote of the people who actually assemble the planes. By a 2-1 margin on Wednesday, the machinists of Puget Sound told Boeing to stuff it. With this act of economic suicide, the state could lose up to 56,000 jobs on the new 777X plane.
The writer says Boeing:
tells the people who make its products that their pension plan will be frozen, their benefits slashed, their pay raises meager.
But the writer doesn't give specifics.

And the writer does not mention that ObamaCare is now available, where people have the opportunity to shop for the best medical insurance ever. Based on the president's sales pitch, ObamaCare is better than any union health program.


60% of the machinists said "no."

30% of the machinists voted "with" Boeing.

I need to know more what the 60% were unwilling to give up. And the New York Times writer did not provide those specifics, except that $80,000/year is not enough for these Boeing workers.

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