Friday, November 15, 2013

And Yet Another Flaw In ObamaCare Reporting

People a lot smarter than I are seeing a lot of flaws in ObamaCare reporting that I missed. Good, bad, or indifferent, we are incredibly lucky we have a free press AND the internet.

Look at what CoyoteBlog noted. Very, very interesting. I had never thought of this. It's very, very possible a lot of folks who think they are enrolled are not.

Apparently the Obama administration is citing a report that "21% who visited the exchange, signed up" or something to that effect. In fact, 1% signed up. The conclusion over at the linked site:
The only effect including that 21% number has on me is to say that Obama likely has a bigger problem -- If 21% of visitors THINK they enrolled and less than 1% actually did so, aren't a lot of people in for a rude shock?
That will be the next story, come next spring, around April, 2014. Folks will complain, finding out they thought they were enrolled and in fact, weren't. If one is eligible for 100% subsidies ($0 for one's premium), does one even get a monthly bill or a monthly statement? Those eligible for partial subsidies probably won't complain if they aren't billed, thinking they are enrolled and now getting full subsidies.

The CoyoteBlog is one of the best blogs I have come across; it is one of the few I keep linked at the sidebar at the right. If you really want to follow the ObamaCare Express debacle, click on CoyoteBlog (home page link different than one above) and scroll down.

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