Friday, November 15, 2013

GMXR Renewed A Permit In Stark County, Yesterday

A reader asks if anyone knows "what this might mean," GMXR renewing:
  • 21893, loc, GMXR, Frank 31-3-1H, New Hradec, Stark County
In fact, there are four "Frank" wells/permits in this area. Two 2-well pads in adjoining sections, about a mile apart from each other.
  • 21213, 240, GMXR, Frank 31-4-1H, New Hradec, a Three Forks well, 15 stages; 2 million lbs;, t12/11; cum 29K 9/13;
  • 21214, conf, GMXR, Frank 31-4-2H, New Hradec,
  • 21892, loc,  GMXR, Frank 31-3-2H, New Hradec,
That's as much as I know about the Frank wells; maybe someone knows something more. 

For newbies: NDIC issues permits that expire after one year if drilling has not begun; permits can be renewed with a $100 filing fee.


Another reason I love to blog: folks have asked why companies don't renew "all" expiring permits; it only costs $100. Apparently, based on comments of another reader, NDIC prorates the number of permits an operator may have in North Dakota based on a formula. Thus, an operator may choose to "give up" a permit if the max has been reached and there are better opportunities out there.


Weather Report

Wow, after that recent cold spell that lasted about 36 hours, I thought winter was here. But the warm front is moving in. Temperatures will continually "improve" over the next three days, hitting a high in the low 70's today; around 77 tomorrow, and then almost 80 degrees on Sunday. Dallas-Ft Worth metroplex area.

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