Friday, August 24, 2012

Daily Bakken Operations Report; BR Has a Huge Short Lateral (IP - 5,310);

Wells coming off confidential list, Friday, were reported earlier.

In addition, the follow producing wells were completed:
  • 20636, 5,310, BR, Brazos 24-34H, middle Bakken, Charlson, short lateral, t6/12; cum 5K 6/12; the horizontal leg was drilled in four days; 11 stages (?); 1 million pounds sand; half-million pounds ceramic;  the hole was spud 11/7/11 but no drilling was done between 11/17/11 and 11/29/11; they reached vertical depth on 12/2/11; the horizontal total depth was reached in four days; this is essentially an 8-day well.
  • 22139, 1,148, XTO, Christiana 21X-6G, t4/12; cum 20K 6/12;
  • 20062, 1,359, XTO, Christiana 21X-6, t4/12; cum 28K 6/12;
  • 21754, 654, Enerplus, Grouper 149-94-36D-25h TF, t7/12; cum --
Eighteen (18) new permits issued in North Dakota today (includes three salt water disposal wells);
  • Operators: OXY USA, CLR (7), Murex, Fidelity, Triangle (4), G3, Zavanna (2)
  • Fields: Crooked Creek (Dunn), Banks (McKenzie), Upland (Divide), New Home (Williams), Alexander (McKenzie), Green River (Stark), Rawson (McKenzie), Good Luck (Williams)
It looks like CLR has permits for a 5-well pad in Banks oil field.

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