Friday, June 29, 2012

For Apple Users Only -- Absolutely Nothing About the Bakken

Another one bites the dust: Adobe's Flash.
Adobe's announcement came roughly a year and a half after Steve Jobs penned his "Thoughts on Flash" open letter outlining why Apple had decided not to allow Flash to run on its iOS devices.

Now nearly eight months after Adobe's announcement, the company is officially pulling Flash from the Google Play marketplace for Android for new users. 
I remember all the hand-wringing and threats of lawsuits by Adobe. 

Steve is, no doubt, enjoying the view.

And then this little gem: Google's Chrome is crashing and freezing Apple's new notebooks: Lion.

On an unrelated note, Apple's new operating system, Mountain Lion, will be available in July, 2012.


  1. Huh..I learned something today. That's why I love reading your blog, its little things like this that sometimes make my day.

    1. Thank you for taking time to comment.

      I do enjoy following Apple, but don't own any shares. I should have listened to my 4-year-old daughter 20 years ago, or whenever it was when she learning to use an Apple computer.

  2. I remember being on board my first ship in 1986 and and an engineman chief who was a pc hobbyist. As he sat before his monochrome screen he told me "you should invest in this company Microsoft" something abut making money, the future, blah blah blah. You can't imagine how sorry I am I didn't follow his advice.

    1. It is amazing, isn't it, how things have changed.

      1986: I was just completing my first tour overseas (Germany) and moving to my second consecutive overseas tour (England). It was in England, I believe, when I first learned that the base exchange (BX) would not stock/sell Apple computers. Apple exacted too high a price/commission from the BX. They wouldn't make enough profit on each Apple sold, so they only sold "PCs." Fortunately independent vendors sold Apple products. And that's how I got started, but never invested in Apple.