Friday, June 29, 2012

Peak Oil? What Peak Oil?

Remember the 30-second sound bite:
  • Saudi Arabia: 10 million bopd
  • Russia: 10 million bopd
  • US: 9 million bopd (or 10 million bopd)
  • Canada: 3 million bopd
  • Bakken: 0.6 million bopd
Now this news: US could increase production by 3.5 million bopd for 40 years
  • How: from CO2 EOR; CO2 from US coal
  • Who says: Obama administration
The lede at
A new study found that CO2 capture and utilization at existing and new coal-fired power plants and coal-to-liquids facilities could boost U.S. oil production by more than 3.5 million barrels per day for more than 40 years.

The study, prepared for U.S. Energy Secretary Steven Chu by the National Coal Council, features input from 60 energy experts in coordination with the National Petroleum Council. The focus is enhanced oil recovery, or EOR, which has increased U.S. oil production for almost half a century, the NCC said.
 When the US is currently producing 9 million bopd, another 3.5 million bopd on top of that is pretty impressive.


  1. Peek Oil was and is the idea put forth by the the glass if half empty crowd. A viewpoint put forth by believers who think human beings are the worst thing or creatures on earth. Therefor they must be controlled and denied freedom for their own good. A very scary viewpoint.

    Rather than greet challenges as an opportunity to advance to the next level of development, they take a negative approach and fear the future. Thank God not all of humanity is wired that way otherwise we would be still in the dark ages or before.

    Peek oil was a shrewd intellectual argument but in the end was a negative view with the glass half empty crowd believed it as truth. This way people could be more easily controlled.

    1. Agree 100%. How long have we been reading about "peak oil"? However long it has been, the date keeps moving to the right. Regardless the outcome of "oil," it is clear that we will not run out of energy.