Thursday, February 6, 2020

MRO Reports A Dry Well -- February 6, 2020

The well:
  • 32974, dry, MRO, Jorgenson USA 12-23H, Reunion Bay, failed cement issue;
From the file report:
  • MRO drilled this well to TD of 23,612 measured depth. 7" casing set at 11,033' MD. Then ran 4.5" liner to 23,607' MD, and rigged up to cement in liner. With liner hanger at 10,411.9' MD.
  • MRO pumped liner cement job and when stringing out to circulate out excess cement, the cement flash set, and caused liner running tools and drill string to be cemented in hole
  • temperature survey and CBL indicates that drill pipe is cemented in hole at 7,940'.
  • 4" HWD drill pipe was cut off at 7,904' MD, while MRO evaluated options, to cut off 7" redrill, wash over and attempt to pull drill pipe or completely PA and drill replacement well. Have 4" HWDP from 7,904' to 10,411.9' MD -- cemented inside 7" above liner packer at 10,411.9' MD.

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