Thursday, February 6, 2020

What Is Kraken Doing With Some Old Kaiser-Francis Wells In The Sanish? -- February 6, 2020

A few wells in the Sanish previously operated by Kaiser-Francis, now operated by Kraken, are updated. These are incredibly awful wells, especially considering that they are in the Sanish oil field. Most, if not almost all, of the wells have been taken off-line.

I don't see any active drilling or active fracking in the area. One wonders if Kraken has taken these wells off line while they figure out what to do next.

Flashback: Solyndra

Solyndra slush fund list.

See this link.

Now this:
February 6, 2020: Crescent Dunes, $737-million-backed by the federal government; solar company in Nevada declares bankruptcy. Link here. Solyndra: $535 million. Crescent Dunes lost its only customer; suffered a catastrophic technology failure -- can't even produce any electricity. 

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