Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Polling Democratic Presidential Primary -- May 29, 2019

Finally, a new set of polls released.

I used to say that these polls don't mean a thing. I'm wrong. These polls will correlate directly with campaign contributions, and they will determine who is on the debate stage. The trends are important.

So, the previous poll:
May 23, 2019, T+42: Buttigieg at 6.2; Beto at 3.7. Warren ever closer to 10% (9.8% today). Harris at 8.0%. Beto flailing; Buttigieg stalled. 
Today, just released:
  • Biden down slightly at 34.8%
  • Bernie down slightly at 16.4%
  • Warren still can't get to 10%: 9.8%
  • Harris slips slightly: 7.4%
  • Buttigieg down ever so slightly: 6.0%
  • Beto still flailing: 3.8%.
  • Others cracking the 1% threshold, taking a bit from Biden/Bernie. I hope they all get on stage.
About a week ago, between the previous poll and the most recent poll, the surprising headline: "Buttigieg surges." The stories were everywhere but the stories had no polling numbers. I was surprised -- what would the polls show -- "Buttigieg surges." Well, now we know. I'm surprised that with all the media attention Buttigieg cannot out-poll Pocahontas.

My hunch is that political donations for Beto are plummeting. Buttigieg is still engaged with donors, but my hunch is most donors are now waiting for the first debate before deciding to whom to donate.

Screenshot today from google search "Buttigieg surges":

Wow, talk about "fake news" and from every news outlet.

Who's missing? Hillary. If convention is "deadlocked" after the first vote, Hillary walks on stage, gives the speech of her life, wins on the second vote. Her state organizations are only dormant. At least that's her fantasy.

Notes to the Granddaughters
Three Starters

This is pretty funny.

This is a note for the family, nothing about the Bakken.

See background for this family soccer story at this post.

As noted, our middle granddaughter, Olivia, was invited to play as a "guest player" on another FC Dallas soccer team in an international soccer tournament in Denver, CO, this past Memorial Day weekend. Her coach, Phil, released her to play that tournament under coach Tyler of a sister team.

Olivia's team took first place in their division-bracket. The coach, Coach Tyler, was ecstatic; says he will remember this championship forever; it was the first time his team won the championship at Denver. Olivia scored almost all the points for her team during the 3-day tournament. In one game she scored three points during regulation play and one penalty point; final score in that game, 4 - 1, I believe. [Back story: when Coach Phil asked if she wanted to take the penalty kick, Olivia said, "no." She had never done a penalty kick before. The coach insisted: she would take the penalty kick. Olivia says she had never been so nervous in her life in front of all those people, worrying that she would be embarrassed.]

When Coach Tyler (and the team) returned to Texas, the first thing the winning coach did was call Olivia's own coach, Coach Phil, and asked what it would take for Coach Phil to let Olivia move to Coach Tyler's team.

Coach Phil said he would need three starters from Coach Tyler's team to replace Olivia before he would agree to the trade. LOL.

As for Olivia? She's happy to stay with her team and Coach Phil.

The Library Page

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