Monday, January 25, 2016

When A Good Article Goes Bad -- January 25, 2016; EVs Have Caused The Crude Oil Supply/Demand Debacle -- The [London] Telegraph

This may or may not be a helpful article, the article in The [London] Telegraph. I don't know. It seemed reasonable until I got to this paragraph:
Global climate accords have changed the rules of the game and electric vehicles are breaking onto the scene. 
There are no "global climate accords." There are some unenforceable self-serving statements by countries as diverse as China and the United States, but it/when "push comes to shove," meeting the demand for fossil fuel in any individual country will take precedence over any "global climate accord."

And that second part, the part about "electric vehicles are breaking onto the scene," that's just simply laughable if anyone factors electric vehicles into today's crude oil supply and demand scenario. 

Your Good Girl's Gonna Go Bad, Tammy Wynette

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