Saturday, March 28, 2015

Overheard In Starbucks Saturday Morning -- March 28, 2015

If in fact it can be proved that Hillary Clinton wiped her server clean AFTER the subpoena that would be obstruction of justice. See post from yesterday. It it obvious Ms Clinton would not know how to wipe a server clean; someone would have had to help. Conspiracy to obstruct justice.

Mideast in free fall. It will be interesting to see if historians compare the fall of Yemen to the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand. The Egyptians join the fray. By the way, did anyone follow the news this past week regarding the Shi-ite/Shia/Iraqi/Irani joint task force trying to re-take Tikrit back from ISIS? The US refused to let the Irani-backed Shi-ites to take part in the joint task force to re-take Tikrit if the task force wanted the US to bomb ISIS. Here's the WSJ story. Confusing, huh? And, yes, meanwhile back in Washington and Switzerland, the US is working as hard as it can to become Iran's best friend.

An inconvenient truth for ObamaCare. ObamaCare death spiral begins. Best advice: Supreme Court needs to rule in favor of the Federal government / President Obama -- when ObamaCare fails it needs to fail under its own weight. Folks are starting to see that ObamaCare is nothing but high-cost catastrophic insurance for the healthy; and a godsend for the relatively few with financially devastating pre-existing medical conditions. It would have been less expensive to simply have the government pick up the full tab for the latter.

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