Saturday, February 28, 2015

Another Stab At The Flaring Issue -- Saturday -- February 28, 2015; Chicago Colder Than Detroit Overnight

Active rigs:

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Tulsa company will use the Bakken as a laboratory to end flaring as we know it. The Dickinson Press is reporting:
B&A Global Energy, a small company based in Tulsa, Okla., has acquired the rights to the Energy Capturing Operating System, a portable refinery able to be placed at a well site. The ECOS captures and processes methane gas produced in the hydraulic fracturing process into liquefied natural gas.
B&A Global wants to bring its ECOS technology to the U.S. -- specifically to North Dakota’s Bakken and Texas’ Eagle Ford shale formations -- after witnessing the technology work in Asia.
“We have chosen the Bakken as our focus,” said Bennett, B&A Global’s board chairman and founder.
One Winter: Weather
Consecutive Winters: Climate

Flashback: a year ago, Chicagoans were voting whether the 2014 winter was the worst on record. I don't know the results of that vote. Today I'm being told the Weather Channel is reporting that the overnight low (February 27/28, 2015) in Chicago was -10 below (actual air temperature / wind chill would be worse) which set an all-time, or 131-year,  record. In fact, new low records were being set all across the nation:
Record lows that were set on Saturday morning (new record in parentheses) include Chicago (minus 10 degrees), Rockford, Illinois (minus 16 degrees), Detroit (minus 2 degrees), Columbus, Ohio (0 degrees), Toledo, Ohio (minus 9 degrees), Cleveland (minus 9 degrees) and Bridgeport, Connecticut (8 degrees).
Update: this is what a reader said regarding Chicago:
Last winter was worse in Chicago by far. The month of February here appears to be the coldest on record as well as the 2nd or 3rd snowiest. I think by next Monday, March 9th, the weather is predicted to start breaking and a small spring warm up may be headed here.... overall this winter was much milder and less snowy then last year in Chicago....

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