Thursday, November 13, 2014

Saudi Oil Imports Into The United States (US) -- November 13, 2014; Nancy With Signs Of Early Alzheimer's?

I've been waiting six months to post this screen shot. Finally (actually two screen shots) -- the most recent data -- August, 2014 -- was released October 30, 2014.  First (this is the amount of oil imported into the US from Saudi Arabia, in thousands of bbls of oil per day):

You have to go all the way back to the 1980's to see numbers this low:

How does this look graphically? The link is here.

For newbies: the most recent number is 894,000 bopd imported into the US from Saudi Arabia for the most recent month data is available, August, 2014. The Bakken is producing in excess of one (1) million bopd. Imports dropped to this level back in 2009 but it was due to the Great Recession, not due to US roughnecks in the Bakken.

I forget the CEO who uses this phrase but it is a better phrase: we should be looking for energy flexibility, not energy independence. Saudi oil imports will never go to "zero" for this simple reason: the world's largest refinery is in the US, and is co-owned by Saudi Arabia.

Wal-Mart To Match Prices With Amazon


One of the best "things" to have come out of the mid-term 2014 elections is this: maybe we won't see Ms Pelosi as much as we have in the past few years. Ms Pelosi has been #2 in Congress (House of Representatives) for quite some time but one would think she was the Speaker of the House based on how often networks and the mainstream media feature her in photographs and videos. But she is featured in the ménage à trois photo ops only because she accompanies POTUS and Harry Reid, the Senate majority leader.

I assume that in the future, we will see less of the liberal ménage à trois now that the Senate majority leader is M&M. At least I hope so. Her fifteen minutes were up a long, long, time ago.

For newbies: ménage à trois is French for "household of three." Wow, what an apt word for Barry-Harry-and-Nancy.

Speaking of Nancy -- early signs of Alzheimer's? In recent press conference she stated she did not know who Jonathan Gruber was, suggesting she had not heard of him before. Back in 2009, she relied on Jonathan Gruber's analysis to "sell" ObamaCare:

When Nancy DID Know Who Mr Gruber Was

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