Saturday, October 12, 2013

Slawson Has A Nice Well: A Reminder Of The Glory Days

I remember when I first started blogging about the Bakken, how impressed I was with Slawson. Then, about the time Anschutz sold out to OXY USA, I didn't see as much of Slawson as I used to. At least that was the perception.

But it looks like Slawson is "coming back." In addition to more permits and reporting more wells, we're starting to see some great Slawson wells again.

Yesterday, Slawson reported this well:
  • 23769, 827, Slawson, Waterbond 5-27-34TFH, t7/13; cum 41K 8/13;
PoolDateDaysBBLS OilRunsBBLS WaterMCF ProdMCF SoldVent/Flare

Note how little natural gas is accompanying this well. 

According to the geologist's summary, this is the second completed lateral of five wells to be drilled from a single pad. It is a Three Forks well. The Three Forks was penetrated at 10,443 feet. Background gas began to average above 2,000 units at about 16,000 feet. The seam appears to be about 48 feet of viable zone between the base of the Lower Bakken Shale Member within the upper Three Forks.

Completion data is not yet scanned into the record.

In the lower right hand corner of this section:
  • 19207, 613, Slawson, Vagabond 1-27H, Van Hook; middle Bakken; 19 stages Packers Plus; 1.9 million lbs; t4/1l; cum 126K 8/13;
  • 19208, 800, Slawson, Water Moccasin 4-34-TFH, Van Hook, frack data missing; t4/1l; cum 96K 8/13;

Glory Days!

Glory Days, Bruce Springsteen

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