Friday, October 4, 2013

New Poll And Around The Horn -- Day 4 Of The Government Shutdown (Sounds Like A Headline Out Of Italy Or Greece)

Before going around the horn, I just noticed that we are in day 4 of the government shutdown (sounds like Italy or Greece, doesn't it?).

Time for a new poll: are you affected by the shutdown?

But first: the results of the first poll on the government shutdown in which we asked whether it was a BIG deal or NOT a big deal:
  • a big deal: 24%
  • not a big deal: 76%
Now, for the new poll, in which we ask -- are you affected by the government shutdown?
  • Yes
  • No
  • What government shutdown?
  • Yes, I have a business near a national park
Note: "what government shutdown" is not facetious. I assume many Americans are unaware of the government shutdown. There is a fascinating vignette in the Ray Monk biography of Robert Oppenheimer. The Oppenheimer family was very, very well off (as in incredibly rich). Robert Oppenheimer's father sold out just before the stock market crash (it is not known if it was pure luck or if he sensed something). His father sold out before the stock market crash. He was out west when the crash occurred, and he was completely unaware of the Depression. 

Disclaimer: this is not an investment site. Do not make any investment decisions based on what you read here or what you think you may have read here. 

30-second sound bite: oil is up today; Bakken operators are significantly outperforming the majors. Sweet.

KOG trades at new high; up about 0.5%. I used to consider KOG the bellwether stock to track the Bakken. About a month ago (sometime in September, 2013), I began re-thinking this. I now consider HK the bellwether stock to track the Bakken.

HK is up almost 8% today. A $5.00 stock is up about 36 cents today.

Oasis trades at a new high, up about 0.75%.

WLL is up over one percent, just above its 52-week high. [Later: WLL is up over 3% today. Deep within the blog I've posted why I think WLL is moving. I posted that yesterday.]

CLR is up 1.5%. Trading at a new high. This stock has really been on a tear the past few weeks. 

CVX, COP, XOM: CVX continues to slide; COP and XOM up marginally.

EOG up about half-a-percent; near its all-time high.

CHK up about half-a-percent; near its all-time high.

SD: is up but in a trading range.

AMZG up about 2% but still below a nice entry point at $2.00.

TPLM is trading at a new high, up 1.5% in early trading.

UNP is in its trading range well below its 52-week high. Down again today.

I don't follow BNSF (BRK) much any more; BRK follows the market in general.

ENB, EEP are both in a trading range, well below their highs.

SRE continues to struggle. But paying 3%. I wonder if the Mexican economy can be seen as a proxy for SRE's prospects?

TransCanada is up about half-a-percent, and well off its highs.

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