Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Fourteen (14) New Permits -- The Williston Basin, North Dakota, USA; An IP of 12,248 -- One Word: Unlikely!


March 8, 2013: The NDIC corrects the IP for #22194, see below; let's see how close I was; my "final" guess was 1,248 ... and the answer was .... drum roll .... 1,248. Yes!!!  It doesn't take much to make my day! Smile.

Original Post
Active rigs: 186 (steady, high side)

Fourteen (14) new permits -- 
  • Operators: Oasis (6), Whiting (5), Fidelity (3)
  • Fields: Gros Ventre (Burke), Zenith (Stark), Fryburg (Billings), Gaylore (Billings), Hoot Owl (Golden Valley), Cottonwood (Mountrail), Sanish (Mountrail)
  • Comments: Hoot Owl? Think Red River formation
Wells coming off confidential list were posted earlier; see sidebar at the right.

Producing wells completed:
  • 22935, 695, CLR, Salem 3-6H, Dollar Joe, t12/12; cum 16K 1/13;
  • 22194, 12,248, 1,248, QEP, Moberg 13-17/16H, Grail*, t2/13/ cum --
  • 22898, 462, Murex, Karen Michelle 13-24H, t2/13; cum 95 bbls (no typo)

*The Grail is good but not this good. An IP of 12,248 is not believable. More likely 1,248, but well file did not have data yet. For the "Helis Grail," it could be 2,248.


  1. IP 12,248. Love it to be real, but I bet its a type-o. Amount of gas isn't that high. Ip 1248 or 1224. Thats reasonable

  2. I bet you are correct 1,248 or 1,224, but I wouldn't "bet the farm" against 2,248. But knowing how typos occur, 1,248 most likely.

    Folks may want to compare other Helis Grail wells here: