Friday, July 27, 2012

Random Update of Williston Development -- The Heart of The Bakken, North Dakota, USA

For newbies, the Williston I grew up in had one or two movie theaters, two or three major / regional grocery stores, one truck stop, three or four motels of any note, and a population of around 10,000.

The following was announced just this week. This comes on top of everything that has been built in Williston since the boom began.

These were originally linked in the Williston Wire.
  • Confluence of Harvest Hills, apartment complex, 42 separate units, pre-fab, Aurora, Nebraska, to open in mid-August
  • MainStay Suites will open this fall; 26th Street; extended stay hotel; 89 units (I've lost count of the new motels/hotels/inns that have opened in Williston since the boom began)
  • Minnesota-based Coborn's will build five (5) grocery stores in western North Dakota
  • New, unspecified retail stores and restaurants will start making their way to Williston, starting this autumn
  • construction to begin soon on new 12-screen movie theater; 10 months to complete;


  1. So glad about the 12plex in Williston. Nice addition for the new projects taking place in town. Can't wait for the new huge rec center to break ground.

    1. The rec center will be ... in a word ... incredible.

      One screen in the 12-plex will be showing, 'round the clock, the history of the Bakken, or so I'm told, with an introduction by the President.