Friday, July 27, 2012

Bakken Crude Oil by Barge

I first reported this June 29, 2012.

Jeff sent me an update, at this link, from Fox Business:
Barge operator Kirby Corp. (KEX) said Thursday that it is shipping crude from the Bakken Shale to refiners in Louisiana through the Mississippi River.

The Houston-based company is believed to be the first barge operator to use America's most famous river as a highway for oil from the land-locked Bakken, ...

Kirby during last weekend loaded on its barges at St. Louis a unit-train of Bakken oil that had arrived by rail. The barges take a week to travel down the Mississippi River to bring the oil to the Baton Rouge, LA, area, said company spokesman Steve Holcomb.
Go to the link for the full story. 

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  1. this barge movement from St Louis to LA has beening going on for a couple of years, just not publicly announced.