Monday, May 7, 2012

Amtrak To Use Apple iPhones to Check Tickets

Link here.
The number of industries that Apple is disrupting with the iPhone and iPad is growing by the day. Amtrak, the government-owned American passenger railroad company, has adopted the iPhone as a ticket scanner for its 1,700 conductors, reports the New York Times.

The phones will be in a case equipped with a barcode scanner, similar to the Linea Pro cases that Apple uses at its retail stores. The phones will scan barcodes on paper tickets, as well as digital barcodes on smartphones. The MBTA commuter rail in Boston is adopting a similar system for smartphone ticketing. 
Just wait until the airlines start using the iPhone scanners. Here we go!

Even Paul Krugman did not see this coming.

And speaking of Apple: this is what I'm holding out for -- an entry level $799 MacBook Air, 3Q12. If this is accurate, this will blow away the competition. $799? Two monthly car payments and one has a MacBook Air. Another $150 for the Microsoft Office software and that's it.

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