Wednesday, July 10, 2019

ICYMI -- This Is The Reason For The Huge Decrease In US Crude Oil Inventories -- Making America Great -- July 10, 2019

Making America great: according to Z4 Research -- the largest piece of the 9.5-million-bbl decrease was the 6.7-million-bbl decrease long the Gulf Coast due to exports and higher gulf coast refining. This is a huge, huge story.

Adjustment: #OOTT says the crude adjustment factors plunges by 812K bpd w/w to -472K bpd which explains a decrease of 5.68 million bbls w/w -- crude inventory shift. If that's accurate, then starting next week, we will be comparing apples to apples. This week, we were comparing apples to oranges. But it appears there's a difference of opinion regarding drop in inventory between #OOTT and Z4 Research, if I'm reading both tweets correctly.

US crude oil and petroleum products exports: at this link. Lags about two months.

US crude oil exports: at this link. Lags about two months.

US crude oil exports, Ycharts, very current, link here:

The Book Page

My two books for this week will be:
  • Running With the Bulls:My Years With the Hemingways, Valerie Hemingway, c. 2004
  • Jane Eyre: A Portrait of a Life, Twayne's Masterwork Studies, Maggie Berg, c. 1987
I've long completed my Hemingway and Brontë phase, but I've long forgotten the history of the three sisters, so time to take another look. Hemingway? I've lost interest in Hemingway long ago but "he" (or the myth) remains fascinating and so it's hard to pass up another account of his life.

Valerie Hemingway was born Valerie Danby-Smith, an Irish reporter back in 1959, when she first met Ernest Hemingway, devoted two years of her life traveling with Hemingway and his wife, Mary, through Spain and France, and living with them during the final months in Cuba.

Officially, Mary Danby-Smith was Hemingway's personal secretary.

Five years after Hemingway's death, Mary married the writer's estranged son Gregory. This should be very, very good.

Back to the Brontës: the three sisters, Emily (Wuthering Heights); Anne (Agnes Grey); and Charlotte (Jane Eyre, more; friend of the family's biographer, Elizabeth Gaskell). Charlotte outlives Emily who refused medical attention and died in December, 1848. Their brother, Branwell, the ne'er-do-well, died only three months earlier, September, 1848. Anne was also very ill at the time, and dies while at Scarborough in May, 1849. Charlotte, along with their father, Patrick, survived them all. In her grief, Charlotte persevered by writing Shirley.

It will probably be a slog to get through this thin biography but it will bring back memories of some of the happiest days in my life while living and working in Yorkshire, England, United Kingdom.


  1. WTI has broken into $60 range. Will see if it holds for the day

    1. Thank you. $60 for WTI is quite nice to see. I would say "incredible," but don't want to get ahead of my headlights. But imagine: companies with free cash flow at $50-WTI -- can you imagine how they will do with $60-WTI? Of course, contracts, hedging, etc., are probably even more important, but I'm thrilled to see $60-WTI.

  2. $60-65 range is my "Goldilocks zone"

    1. I can't disagree with that. Nice day all around today (oil, equities, etc).

    2. The tropical storm in the Gulf of Mexico may have added a bit to WTI today, but a storm always seems so "temporary."